Five Senses Field Trip


When we first started to homeschool I knew I wanted to incorporate field trips. More than just a trip out somewhere, but something where the kids could correlate what we were learning at home with things we were doing on our trip.

Now the fall is a perfect time for field trips! It’s cooling down and the apple orchards and pumpkin patches are wonderful places to visit. So I wanted to take a step back to our very first homeschool field trip from 2017.

Our first field trip had lined up perfectly with our science lessons on the Five Senses. I had noticed the week before that they’d line up and I threw together two little “5 Senses” note books. One for Laura and another for Bobby, because even though he wasn’t “in school” yet, I knew he would want to be involved.

So when the day came we did our normal morning routine and then headed out the door to Kinsey Family Farms in Gainesville, Georgia. I had been searching for a farm because I knew we could easily hit all our senses there. Kinsey had animals we could feed, so with my animal loving gang, I knew it would be perfect.

When we arrived we did a quick review in the car of our senses and looked over our science book for a minute. Laura grabbed her cowgirl hat, because hello?! We were at a farm, then we headed to the office to ask what we could check out. We bought some oat crackers to feed the animals and were on our way. The kids fed goats, a pony and llamas, admired and smelled their many flowers and had a nice picnic in the grass. It was so hot that we took a couple trips back into the office to enjoy their air conditioning and visit there new puppy “Bear”.

While we were there we took a break at a picnic table and worked on our notebooks. Each page had a sense and they were asked to draw what they saw, felt, tasted, smelled, and heard on the corresponding page.

The kids did great on their 5 Senses Books and they were so easy to throw together, that I wanted to share them with y’all!!

So feel free to print them up and do your own 5 senses field trip!!




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