Pine Cone Bird Feeders

There is nothing my kids like more than a nature walk and collecting little treasures. Most of the time we will walk around the property or down to the lake, looking for animals and collecting rocks, shells or sticks that interest them.

On one of our recent walks we noticed the pine cones down along the tree line. The changing of seasons was coming and the big pine trees around our house were giving lots of fun treasure for the kids to collect. So we grabbed our buckets and collected a bunch of pine cones to make a fun fall craft, bird feeders.

The kids loaded up their buckets with cones, had a sweet encounter with the smallest lizard I’ve ever seen and then headed back home.

Next up we got some bird seed and peanut butter and the kids were able to make these sweet little bird feeders.

It’s was so easy! Just pines cones, string, peanut butter and bird seed. I helped tie the strings for our 3 year old, and our two oldest tied their own.

Then we lathered them up in peanut butter and rolled them in the bird seed. The kids had a blast and couldn’t wait to hang them in the yard.

Now we get to wait and watch as the birds (and squirrels I’m sure) come to visit their new feeders.

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