Feeling the Back to School Blues

BF8DD9C8-3C82-4609-B710-94F8947ED11BMost parents are overjoyed on their kid’s first day of school! IG is full of those “Hallelujah!! My kids are gone!” posts. Me on the other hand.. not so much. I am SAD. I hate that the sweet summertime of lazy days, sporadic vacations and adventures with my kids are over. I find that dropping my kids off at school is kinda sad for the first few weeks and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that! Social media can put so much focus on being overjoyed that your kids are back in school, and I felt that us mamas who feel the opposite needed a voice. So this ones for all you sad Mamas on the first day of school. You’re not alone. You’re not the only crazy weird parent that misses their kids like hell when they are gone! You’re not the only parent that’s ready to pick them up the second you drop them off! I feel ya!

What makes it easier for me is knowing that my kids absolutely love going to school! They are happy and I know they are in good hands! Adalene thrives off of being at school. She is a brilliant little girl who is also painfully shy. She not only needs the academic instruction coming from someone other than her mom, but she desperately needs the social part of being at school and the challenge of learning with peers her own age. So far Jase loves Kindergarten. He can’t wait to get there in the mornings and is having so much fun! As for me {because mommas happiness is important too!!}, I have found that when my big kids are off at school during the day I have the time to put all my energy into focusing on my littlest kiddos. AND I love that I get to let them be little at home. As a prior teacher I was surprised to have found that I prefer to leave the academic curriculum to the public school teachers and focus more on parenting and teaching my kids the other parts of life that don’t necessarily include school.


I’m happy that my kids kids are at school and I’m excited for them too! BUT I can still feel sad when my children aren’t with me. I can still miss them. A N D I so do!!! Maybe its because I still have little kids at home and therefore I’m still “tied” down. Maybe my initial sadness will turn into pure joy and excitement as all the kids get older and all head off to school. But, for now, I’d be lying if I said I felt the “Hallelujah!! My kids are gone!” feels. For now I’m okay with hating dropping them off and being ready to pick them up the second I kiss them goodbye.





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