Veteran Moms Guide to Packing Your Hospital Bag

TODAY IS THE DAY!! Christa is due with baby number five, and because she has had ALL her babies on their due dates we are anxiously awaiting his or her arrival.

This made us think, after 4 babies a piece what have we learned when it comes to packing our hospital bags. There are plenty of lists all over the internet telling you what to pack, so why is this one different? It’s because we’ve been there, 8 separate times. And so here it is, our fairly minimal list of what to pack in your hospital bag.


For Baby

1. One or two receiving blankets

2. Two changes of clothes for the baby

3. Just a few diapers and wipes for the ride home (most hospitals are going to provide these for you and give you extras to take home)

4. Car seat

For Momma

1. Nursing Bra

2. Outfit to wear home (I prefer maternity leggings and a top I can easily nurse in)

3. Face Wipes – these are great to freshen up both during and after labor

4. Charger and Phone

5. Brush and Hair ties

6. Adult depends (simple and easy if they run out of the amazing mesh undies)

7. Nursing Aides – If you know you like using a boppy to nurse or other aides bring them too.

8. Nursing Pads

9. Hygiene Products – Shampoo, conditioner, body wash…etc. – this is especially helpful when you have a required 48 hour stay. If you are only there 24, you may not have time to shower or would rather wait til you are home.

Now if you are like Christa and do some amazing post birth picture make sure you also bring whatever you need for those…. cute robe or nursing dress, makeup, curling iron, straightener.

And that’s it! Really you don’t need much. It seems crazy to think after waiting 9 (10) long months to meet your sweet baby that you would need so much more to welcome that sweet baby. So if you pack a little extra or forget something, don’t worry it’ll work out because in the end that baby just needs you.

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