Summer Bucket Lists

Every momma knows when summer hits, it doesn’t take long to hear a resounding “I’m bored”. In both the Carter and Bowman homes we like boredom. We believe it gives the kids an opportunity to be creative, help around the house and use their imaginations.

However, there are times when we want to have special things to fill our summer with and that’s why we love bucket lists!!

Last summer we got together as a family and wrote down a few things we wanted to do that summer. Some were small activities, some were big, but no matter the size we wrote them down and had a blast completing the list as a family. So this summer we were excited to do it all again!

This year our Bowman Summer Bucket list includes, hiking to a waterfall, lunch with Daddy at his office, a trip to the water park among other things.

We can’t wait to start the family fun and wanted to share more ideas with you, so your family could have a summer bucket list too!!

1. Swimming at the lake (pool, ocean, splash pad)

2. Catch fireflies

3. Go stargazing

4. Outside movie night

5. Drive in movie

6. Dollar day movies at theaters

7. Camping

8. Hiking

9. Fishing

10. Blow bubbles

11. Draw with chalk

12. Sprinklers on the trampoline

13. Go to an ice cream shop

14. Do messy science experiments

15. Vacation bible school

16. Go to the library and their programs

17. Do a summer reading program

18. Fly kites

19. Go boating

20. Go to the beach

21. Visit an amusement park

22. Visit a zoo

23. Visit an aquarium

24. Eat popsicles. Lots and lots of popsicles.

25. Run a 5k (or further)

26. Have a movie day in your PJs

27. Play in the rain

28. Go to a ropes course

29. Family Camp

30. Go to a sporting event

31. Nature Walk

32. Swimming Lessons

33. Go out to dinner

34. Visit a farm

35. Grill out

36. Plant a garden

37. Raise butterflies

38. Build a fort

39. Visit historical sites

40. Visit national parks

41. Visit local family attractions

42. Water fight (balloons, super soakers)

43. Make play dough

44. Make slime

45. Do puzzles

46. Jump on trampoline

47. Go to Chucky cheese – Main Event

48. Animals hunt – frogs and lizards

49. Go to water park

50. Visit a waterfall

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