The Road so Far

In January of 2015 my Husband and I started discussing the idea of college coaching. This was something we’d talk about from time to time but it was always a sort of pipe dream and we push it under the rug. However, this year was different. Some extenuating circumstances had caused us to take a further look into this possible career change.

I had a close friend who’s husband was a college coach and they helped guide us on where and what to apply for. Not having any “college” coaching experience we started searching for a graduate assistant positions.

Paul had been coaching in Nevada for 8 years, he coached football and wrestling, while teaching. We loved our time at our alma mater, but wanted to chase this dream while our kiddos were still young.

So in February of 2015 we started looking and applying for jobs. We were prayerful that God would lead us to next job if that was what He wanted. To our surprise Paul received a phone call from a small school in Iowa in April. Within a week they flew him out for an interview and he had accepted the job. That summer we said our “see you laters” to family and friends to start this new journey in life.

We spent the next year and a half at Dordt College in Sioux Center Iowa, sweet community of just over 7,000 people that reminds me of times gone by. It was quite an adjustment settling into our 700 sq ft dorm apartment, with our two kids and I was pregnant with our third. This amazing school and community became our home. The families we grew close to in our time there will forever be dear to us and some of our closest friends.

Paul’s position at Dordt was as a Graduate Assistant. These positions are only two year contracts, while he completed his degree, so we knew we would not be there long. We spent a lot of our time watching football, growing closer with the players and coaches’ families, visiting the library and zoos and attending the family friendly events that Sioux Center hosted year round.

After our second season, it was time to start searching for a new job. We applied for well over 50 positions from November until March and waited. We prayed a lot and tried our best not to worry. And then just as quickly as the job at Dordt came, so did our next opportunity. Paul received a phone call on Thursday March 9, about a high school position at a 7A program right outside Atlanta. Over the weekend and as the days past during the following week he had multiple interviews over the phone. On March 16 a week later they offered him the Defensive Coordinator position. We packed up and left that little Iowa town on March 24. 15 days. 15 days after the first phone call we were on the road to Georgia for our next adventure.

So starting in late March of 2017, we became Wildcats! Paul was back teaching and we settled into a dramatically different environment. We enjoyed the hustle of a big city and I loved that target was only 15 minutes away (Paul probably didn’t love that as much)!!

But things in the coaching world never tend to stay the same for long, and we were surprised by the departure of our head coach late in February of this year. The next few weeks were a whirlwind, Paul taking over as Interim while the school searched for a replacement. Once a replacement was found and hired in late March, the changes continued to come and we started to search for a new place to call home. It didn’t take too long for a new opportunity to open up, and for us to accept the job.

So here we are, in May selling the house we purchased in March of last year, moving again for the 4th time in 4 years, and getting ready to pour into our new team, or new school, our new community. To say this has been an uneventful career change or anything less than an adventure would be a lie. It’s been hard, it’s been stressful, it’s been tiring, but we can see the final destination on our very windy road.

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