Make your own White Board

I’m not sure how many people research the cost of white boards. I’m assuming the percentage is much higher among coaches wives. After moving to Georgia, I wanted my husband to have the ability to easily work from home. One way we could do this was by having a functional (and beautiful for me) white board. Thankfully I found some amazing prices on adhesive whiteboards, got out my stain and went to work.

Here’s what you’ll need to make a white board that is 4ft by 7ft


3 – Self Adhesive Dry Erase Boards

3 – 1x3x8ft pine boards (1- cut into 2 4ft boards, 2 – cut to 82in in length)

Stain of your choice

Pack of 1 1/2 in finishing nails


Large wall space to make some Magic


First things first. I ordered my whiteboards, and headed to Home Depot. I don’t have a circular saw so I asked the employees to cut my 3 pine board pieces to the lengths I needed. Went one and stained those bad boys.

Once they were dry and my white boards where delivered it was time to put it up. Let me tell you, this is t very difficult but it does take some patience.

Recruiting cute helpers is also a must

We found these on Amazon and they are fabulous!

Start with the lowest sheet by unrolling a corner, and recruit a helper to hold the roll while you adhere the side using a level to make it straight. Continue to pull off the backing and slide your hand over the whiteboard to adhere. I personally like using a towel over the top because it slides on the surface much easier than my hand. Watch for bubbles and fix by pulling the board back up and slowly reapplying.

Once you finish your first sheet move on to the next and make sure to overlap the sheets by about an inch and use the level to start straight. Now if your sheets aren’t perfectly level. Don’t worry, the trim will be and no one will ever notice. Once the second one is up, it’s time for sheet number three. Now you have the “practical” whiteboard up. Time to make it pretty.

Take one of your 82in boards and place just over the bottom edge of your whiteboard. Place a finishing nail in the middle of the board and nail to the wall. This will allow you to use your level before placing more nails and move the board as needed.

Side boards will go directly on top of the ends of the bottom board. And then finish up with your top board. Viola!

You’ve done it, as esthetically pleasing and useful white board for your man. Oh and your kids, because we all know the bottom 1/3 is theirs anyway.

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