DIY Wall Tapestry

I spent a few weeks searching online for ideas for decor in Laura’s room. I wanted something feminine that we could easily recreate. I found so many beautiful tapestries that I loved and thought I’d give it a try.

What you need

A Long solid stick (we live in the woods sooo… easy peasy)

Yarn – we chose a slightly thicker beige ombré yarn

Fake Flower of different sizes and colors

To start your tapestry make sure the stick is the correct length. We needed to cut off about 6 inches of ours. Make sure it’s clean and free of any flaking bark.

Next you’ll need to cut your yarn. I knew I wanted to be able to do braids throughout, so I made sure each of my anchor points had 6 pieces of yarn. I cut 60 pieces of yarn, approximately 8 ft long.

Then I started with my anchor point. Separating the yarn into groups of 6, I made a loop in the middle of the yarn, on one side of the stick.

Then pulled the yarn ends around the stick and through the loop and pulled tight. I continued this until all 10 groups were attached and equally spaced.

Then the braiding and knotting began. I started on the far left, took three pieces of yarn from that group and three from the next group over, and tied them together. First with a simple knot and then a large knot over the top.

For the next group I braided each side before tying them together. I continued this across the tapestry and then moved to the next row, alternating groups that were braided and tied.

Once the tapestry was built and looked the way I wanted it was time to add flowers.

We had a variety to choose from and I paired them together using hot glue and then attached them to the tapestry.

Once the glue cooled off it was time to hang our newest piece of wall art. We love it and we hope you love yours!!

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