How to Make a House a Home – GET DIRTY

How to make a House a Home – GET DIRTY

It’s that time of year for football families that can be terrifying, exciting, and a trying season of unknown. Some families have been let go, some are moving up or moving on. And so many of us find ourselves on the coaching carousal. After 4 different homes, 3 different states in the past 4 years we’ve had a little experience in the NEW HOUSE department.

House #4 (from July 2015-March 2018)

During those many moves I’ve always loved looking at the new places. I enjoy looking at different home designs, taking in new cities and little towns while hunting to find the perfect one. But I’ve found once we pick the next spot to rest our heads, it feels like we are living in someone else’s house for a while. Now, I can’t be the only one that feels a little out of place after a move. So whether you are a football family like us, military, moving for another job or exciting opportunity, or just needed a new place, here is my best tip for making that new house feel like HOME.


1. Get your house DIRTY – Well, kinda… your house will look like a complete mess as you unpack. But DO unpack. Don’t wait, as long as you have that stack of boxes in the dining room, or books in piles, still not on the shelf things won’t feel settled.

So make sure you unpack and organize (my FAVORITE part). Turn up the music and get the kids involved. Attack it, room by room, get that house DIRTY, and then put everything in its place of course.

2. Get your hands DIRTY – Clean, clean, clean. Once you have moved in and the boxes have been unpacked, give yourself some time to relax. Moving is exhausting and a break will be wonderful. Then after a few days, when the dust of relaxing and letting kids run wild has settled, clean the house. This sounds ridiculous, I know, because if you are like me, you cleaned before you unpacked. But after a few days of relaxing from the move, things will inevitably be out of place and messy. First make sure you have all your favorite cleaning supplies, because olfactory memories are very powerful.

Once the house looks like yours (everything in its place) and smells like your hard work (all those lovely clean smells) it will feel, and smell like home.

3. Get your heart DIRTY – Get out there, make connections! There is a joke in the world of football families that our best friends in a new area are our real estate agents. It’s a joke, because it’s true. I love my ladies who have helped us find our new “homes”. Find a Facebook group of local moms, or others who homeschool, play sports, library groups or do something else you are interested in, and then actually engage in the group!

Strawberry picking with new friends

Find a local church and dive into deep relationships with these people. Sometimes it’s hard to put yourself out there when you move a lot. It’s hard to make amazing friends and have to tell them goodbye. Because even in the days of Facebook and Instagram, you know when you move those relationships change. They’ll always be people you love and care for but seeing pictures from thousands of miles away isn’t the same as chatting over coffee or grabbing lunch together. BUT we need other people in our life, we need connections and we have to be willing to put our hearts out there to do this. God built us to be relational. The more community you have, the more support in your life the more like home it will feel.

4. Get your knees DIRTY – That’s right, get your knees dirty. Get on your knees and pray. Moves happen for a lot of different reasons, needing more space, trying to downsize, found the house of your dreams, lost a job, got a job, deployed or reassigned. There are so many life changing reasons that people move. A lot of these reasons are exciting and fun, but some are incredibly hard seasons of life to walk through. And some are a mix of it all. So pray.

Thank God for everything He has blessed you with, including the new roof over your head. Thank Him for guiding your path. Pray that God will bless your new home, your new season in life. And pray that He will give you His peace that passes all understanding. Pray.

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