A Day In The Life – Cristy

This week we will be taking a peek at a day in the life of stay at home/work from home mom of three, ages 9, 8 and 5. Cristy is one amazing mother!

She is my {Christa} neighbor and in the summer time when the weather is nice we almost always meet on our street and walk our kids to school together. She is a bit of an inspiration for me and I know I can always seek good advice from her. One of my favorite things about her as a mom are watching her give all three of her kids the warmest goodbyes as she drops them off at school and then returns with the warmest hellos when she picks them up. You can just feel and see the special bond she shares with them.

When does your day start?

When I get up … somedays, thats 6:30am when the 5 year old comes in to snuggle, today it was 7am with no one to snuggle. The day doesn’t feel like it really starts till after a shower.

What is the first thing you do?

Bathroom every time, then a shower.

What’s your morning routine with the kids before school/ work?

The kids don’t start school till 9:30 and are usually up by 6:30am, so they get up and play, eat some breakfast, and I try to give them a list of chores to do. Usually pretty easy ones, make their bed, brush their teeth, empty the dishwasher, feed the ducks, wake the ducks, pick up 10 things in their rooms, clean a bathroom counter ect ect. Unfortunately the last couple of weeks I have been slacking on this and I have had to pick up the slack. I really should get back to their morning chore lists. I have to eat breakfast, Usually a couple of eggs, then I wake the ducks, and then play ball with the dogs, then help the kids make their lunches, start a load of laundry, load the dishwasher, do the girls hair, make sure everyone has their teeth clean, shoes on, lunches and homework in their backpacks, then it’s out the door to walk them to school.

What is your Daily routine?

Not sure that I have much of a daily routine, it changes often, I try to clean the house Mondays and Fridays, and my laundry gets done on Mondays, other than that the routine is different most days, out side of the feeding the family 3 meals a day.

How do you plan meals?

Usually on Monday Mornings while I eat breakfast I make a dinner menu for the week, and a grocery list for the week.

When do you cook and how do you make it work?

I have to cook breakfast everyday (I love breakfast). Depending on kids sports determines who cooks dinner, thankfully my husband loves to cook! Some days I will pre cook the main part of the meal (spaghetti, chili ect) during homework time.

How do you meal plan with kids sports and practices (like what kind of meals do you do on those days)?

Depends on the type of sport, we almost always have dinner as a family at home, so the kids will get a heavy snack on the later dinner nights before sports.

How do you keep school lunches and snacks healthy?

I try really hard not to buy the crap food, then none of us can eat it. My kids like leftovers so that helps. If I help them make their lunches they end up much healthier.

When do you work out or do you work out?

I usually try to get a workout in 3 days a week, I recently joined a crossfit gym, and I am loving it.

How and when do you make time for your relationship with your husband?

We make sure that the kids are in bed and lights out by 8pm most nights. then we have a couple hours to each other, and we only watch tv about once a week. We try really hard to have a date night a couple times a month and we go out usually happy hour dinner or a hike.

When do you clean?

ugh… I have 3 kids a husband and 2 golden retrievers, cleaning is my nemesis. I try really hard to do a decent clean and tidy Mondays and Fridays. I follow the 80/20 rule, get the house 80%clean in 20%time, the last 20% clean takes 80% of the time, so I reserve that for when we are having house guests.

When do you do laundry?

I do mine and my husbands on Monday mornings, the kids have to start theirs and switch their own, and I help them fold it, so it is on a need basis, when their laundry baskets are full or they run out of underwear/socks/pants ect. Towels, sheets ect are random. So more or less I do laundry just about every day. It’s lame.

What is your bedtime routine?

Somewhere around 9:30 we head to our room, brush teeth, I take my vitamins and allergy meds, then we read in bed, I usually only last 2-3 pages before I crash.

When do the kids go to sleep?

Lights out by 8pm as often as possible.

What is your nightly ritual after the kids go down?

Happy Hour with my Hubby. We usually have a drink and chit chat till bed time.

When do you finally go to sleep?


If you could tell yourself one thing before you had kids what would it be?

That having kids is awesome, a roller coaster for sure but awesome!

What is your favorite time of day?

Happy Hour, or maybe my shower (if I don’t have a child in there with me)

What is your favorite part of being a mom?

I get the power to mold them into amazing human beings, that can make others happy. I really love getting hugs from them too.

What is the hardest part of being a mom? Molding them into great human beings, which means constantly choosing the difficult choice of what is best in the long run not what is easy right now.

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