A Day In The Life – Katie

Next up is my {Christa} Sis, Katie Totino. She has one almost 2 year old son and has another son due to come any day now [ due Dec. 7 ] She is in her 3rd year of residency for Radiology and she is one of the hardest working MAMAS I know.

In order to extend her time with her first son as a newborn she took a two week maternity leave so that she could go back to work part time rather than full time. Her schedule in Residency is so crazy. I don’t even know how to explain in writing. For example, a few months ago the kids and I visited her and her family. She was about 8 months pregnant. Two hours after I kissed my kids goodnight, she was leaving for her shift at the hospital which started at 10:00 that night. I awoke the next morning at 7:30 a.m. and as I was pouring my children their bowls of cereal she was walking in the front door coming home after a long night at work. After saying her hellos and good mornings the first thing she did was get her almost 2 year old son out of his crib, cover him with kisses, and then began to make him his breakfast. { 8 MONTHS PREGNANT, 10 P.M. to 7 A.M. SHIFT, NEED I SAY MORE!?} Her biggest fear as a mom is that she’s not around enough and guys this brings me to tears because when she is with her son, she is really with him. She doesn’t have her phone out, she doesn’t turn the TV on, and she doesn’t go have “me” time. She’s just 100% focused on being with him. She gives him SO MUCH MORE than she realizes and she’ll do the same with her next son that she’s about to POP out any second of any day now. This is her interview about an almost typical day of hers as a mom and SHE IS AMAZING!

When does your day start?

5 or 6 am depending on the month. Currently waking up at 5 a.m. to study before work since I have a board exam coming up in June.

What is the first thing you do?

Pee, wash face, get dressed. I lay out my clothes the night before and try to get out of the bedroom/bathroom quickly so my husband (Dom) can keep sleeping.

What’s your morning routine with the kids before school/ work?

I’m out of the house before my son wakes up. When baby boy number two is here I will feed him and put him back down before I leave, like I did with Dominick.

How do you plan meals?

Dom (my husband) does it!

What is your Daily routine?

I wake up, make oatmeal and coffee and study for 2 hours before getting out the door. When the new babe gets here it will make things a bit more complicated but hopefully I can study while feeing him and put him back down before I leave. Also with Dominick, I pumped while driving on the way to work so I’ll do that again for the new dude.

Then I’m at work all day, home by 6/7 typically. I always keep workout clothes in my bag just in case I get a break in the day or if I am on call and have a break between shifts starting. I will pump every three to four hours at work depending on how busy we are. I pump for 20 minutes at a time. If I am taking call or working nights I’ll just pump at my work station since I am typically the only one working during those hours.

Once I’m home baby Dom is pretty clingy so I try to help big Dom out with making dinner, but usually I’m just on the floor with the little guy crawling all over me. Sometimes he and I will go for a walk or do some “chores” outside like cleaning up the fallen fruit from our fruit trees or getting veggies from the garden.

Then bedtime routine as below.

What is your bedtime routine?

This part is fun. I like my bedtime routine! We eat dinner around 6, then I’ll take Dominick for his bath, get teeth brushed and Jammie’s on. Then we’ll read some books in mom and dads bed, cuddle till he really relaxes, then he goes to his crib.

When do you work out or do you work out?

Every Wednesday we have an hour off for lunch so I bring work out cloths and either run or lift during that time. I try to get another workout in on the weekend. Occasionally something is canceled during the week so I’ll go workout then too. Also if I pick up an extra moonlighting shift or am on call there is a 1 to 2 hour break before my day ending and the second shift starting.

When do you cook and how do you make it work?

My amazing husband does the cooking.

How and when do you make time for your relationship with your husband?

After I work nights I get a “post call day” meaning I work overnight and get done around 9 am the next day and have that day off to sleep. But we keep our “nanny” for the AM and Dom and I go out for breakfast before I go to bed. Also when I’m not studying for a board exam we have some adult time after the kiddos go to sleep.

When do you clean?

I try once a month but more realistically like every two months. I do a “deep” clean of the house to include the bathrooms and floors. Generally Dom keeps the place tidy and we clean the living room/play area together (or Dom just does it by himself because I go to bed) before he goes to bed. Also Dom got me one of those tiny Dysons so I do the kitchen almost every night.

When do you do laundry?

Dom and I both do this, whenever the basket is too full or I run out of underwear. Either of us will toss in the load and fold it. Sometimes we’ll fold the basket together after the kid goes to bed, or that’s something I can do with baby D before dinner.

When do the kids go to sleep? By 8 pm

What is your nightly ritual after the kids go down?

Finish up any chores we didn’t get done. Then either chat about our life goals or watch a TV show together. Now that I’m studying for another board exam for the next 6 months I’ll study after I put the kids to bed up until I go to bed and Dom will do his own thing.

When do you finally go to sleep?

I like to be in bed by 10 pm.

If you could tell yourself one thing before you had kids what would it be?

I didn’t know how much my own mortality would suddenly mean to me. I worry about a lot of new things and one of them is not always being around for my kids. I think seeing bad situations constantly at work gets in my head.

What is your favorite time of day?

Toss up between walking in the front door and seeing my husband and son and being so grateful for them. ORRR bedtime cuddles with baby D.

What is the hardest part of being a mom?

I feel like I’m never around enough and that my son really misses me during the day. I wish I had more time with him. Hopefully after residency is over I can have more balance in my life.

What is your favorite part of being a mom?

I think just being there for my boy and receiving so much love simply for being there and trying. The love you get and receive as a mom is very pure.

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