Christmas Advent Calendar – Verses, Nativity and Activities… Oh My!

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. From the smell of fir trees and warm apple cider to the twinkling lights on people’s houses. Everything about the Christmas season warms my heart. I’m always filled with overwhelming gratitude for the countless blessings God has given me and so Thankful for family, friends and the Birth of Christ.

In the past We have given the kids the chocolate advent calendars you can find at grocery stores. They love opening up a little door each day and talking about what special design they got. This year we will probably still do this, but I wanted to change up our Christmas countdown a bit and add an activities advent calendar.

So this year we will open and envelop each day. Inside the envelope there will be a scripture verse leading to Christmas, an activity to do that day and a character to add to our nativity scene.

First thing I needed to do was design our nativity. I used a regular sheet of white paper sheet and cut out pieces to build the nativity. Below we have added the PDF printable to build your own.

Once the nativity was built, I have the kids color all our nativity characters. Once they were colored I wanted to laminate them. Now for projects like this I don’t actually “laminate.” My mom hack is to use clear packing tape. It does the job, especially for small projects you don’t need to last forever.

Once they were laminated I added little magnetic stickers to the back. Here is a a link to the Magnetic tape. We used magnets because I plan on posting our nativity scene on the fridge. However, you could forget the magnets and just use a little tape or glue each day leading to Christmas.

Once the nativity was built and the characters ready, I needed to put together our envelopes. I used plain mailing envelopes and decorated them, but you could use the box style advent calendars you can get at the store as well, or make your own.

I made a printable for bible verses and our activities for each day as well. For the Bible verses I stared with Old Testament prophesy and made my way to the New Testament.

For our activity cards, we already had a few days planned out with activities, Christmas tree hunting, church choir performance, polar express movie event, but the kids helped figure out ideas for all the other days.

Then in each envelop I put a character (In a specific order leading to baby Jesus on Dec 25), a scripture verse card and activity card, sealed them up and waited for the fun to begin Dec 1!

Below we have all the printables you will need to do this in your home!

Here are the scripture verse cards we used. As well as a printable of blank cards for you to choose your own verses.

advent scripture

advent scripture blank

Below are our activity cards, along with a sheet of blank cards for you to fill out.

advent acadvent activities

advent activities blank

Finally our Nativity Characters and nativity cut outs.

nativity scene

nativity people

nativity animals

We hope you enjoy and Merry Christmas!

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