TOP 10 Christmas Gift for Kids

Its the most wonderful time of the year…

Yes it really is, at least as far as we are concerned. The colors, sounds, and cozy feelings are among our favorite parts of Christmas, not to forget the Birth of Christ OF COURSE! Every year tons of media outlets release their toy guides and best buys for Christmas. Well, we wanted to do something similar. Except we are gonna mix things up a bit and do our ALL TIME FAVORITE GIFTS FOR KIDS (under 10).

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So drum roll please…

Rambling Arrow’s Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Kids

1. Bikes – We kinda feel like this is a no brainer, but its also a great gift that needs to be sized up every year if you can’t hand any down. And… Don’t forget the helmets!

2. Goldiblox – For those of you who are unaware of Goldiblox, this is a newer company designed to engage girls in STEM. As moms of little girls we love their Craft-Struction box and watching them build and create new contraptions. But guess who else loves this gift? Our boys! So they really make a perfect gift for any kid.

3. Lincoln Logs – We feel a little bit of nostalgia with this next gift idea. Lincoln logs are one toy we remember playing with as kids. We loved them and couldn’t wait to introduce this treasure to our own children. This is another one of those gifts kids will pull out time and time again through out the year.

4. Magna-Tiles – Another great imaginative, building, developmental play toy is Magna-tiles. These brightly colored magnetic tiles can entertain kids for hours. We love them for quiet time or to entertain little ones while we homeschool so they are the perfect gift for Christmas.

5. LEGO Sets – LEGOS are a must have with kiddos. They allow for so much creativity, are re-usable for endless fun, and it’s a gift that can be added onto each year. We love their Large Brick block to start your collection. Not only does it give you a ton of building options, it also comes self contained! Can we get an AMEN for storage built in.

6. Plasma Car – The Carter Family got one of these for Christmas last year, and it is with out a doubt on of the favorites that is STILL being used on a weekly basis. Plasma Cars allow kids to sit on them and use their weight to wiggle the car forward. They can be used inside our outdoors, but we keep ours inside to race around the hard floors and get some energy out when the weather is bad! They may not seem like much but they are worth every penny.

7. Family Games – Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Uno, Go Fish, Clue, Monopoly… Really the list can go on and on. That is because Family Games are where it’s at. We like to buy a new family game or two every year. Every year the games get bigger and more complex, and it allows us to spend REAL QUALITY time together as a Family. Now both the Carters and the Bowmans are EXTREMELY competitive (this is not an exaggeration) so family games can sometimes end in tears and some frustration… but hey these are just “teachable moments” and we always have lots of laughs.

8. Down Comforter – Now this may seem like a strange Christmas gift, but trust us! The Bowman Family loves to give their kiddos a nice down comforter for their 3rd Christmas. This is a gift that they will use FOREVER, so we believe its a worth while investment piece. Plus we always try and grab them with a Coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond.

9. Bug Kit – Now this may not be on the list for every family but we have some major bug lovers over here. These bug kits are great because the kids can use them year round to capture all kinds of little friends!

10. Cowboy and Cowgirl Boots – This one, like the bug kit, may not apply to all kiddos out there, but for us its great. The Bowman house is a fixer upper with a growing hobby farm out back! That means lots of “fun” things to step in. Having a good pair of boots to play and get to work in is a great gift in our house! These in particular are great because of the holes in the sides of the boot that help little kids pull them on. With 4 little ones we are all about independence.

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