A Day In The Life – Kaitlyn

You know what’s crazier than 3 kids under 3… 3 kids under 2!

Yes, 3 kids under 2.

It’s week number two in our series, “ A Day in the Life of Moms” and I can’t wait to share what life is like for this momma. I (Cassie) first met Kaitlyn the summer before her freshman year of high school when I did some personal training for her and a friend for soccer. Then spent the next 4 years coaching her in high school soccer. The fact that she is now a mom, with three kids blows my mind and also makes me feel very old. Kaitlyn is without a doubt one of the sweetest girls in the world! She has always been a good, honest, hard worker and when she had her first almost two years ago I knew she would ROCK being a momma.

Kaitlyn is a married stay at home mom of 3. Their daughter Charlie is 20 months old, and two months ago they welcomed identical twin boys, Luke and Levi.

When does your day start?

-My day generally starts around 5am when my husbands alarm goes off for work.

What is the first thing you do?

-The first activity of the day is feeding the boys. My husband’s alarm tends to wake them up right around 5-5:30 am (my husband is a HUGE alarm snoozer).

How do you plan meals?

-I am HORRIBLE at planning meals. I know it would make my life so much easier, but I don’t normally look forward to cooking. Breakfast and lunch are often a spur of the moment thing. Charlie is a picky eater, so we are trying to find a balance between her eating what we eat/offer her and her not starving. For dinner, I generally talk with Danny the night before about what sounds good and what his schedule looks like so I can try to plan. Easy, 30 minute meals are my favorite since I often have Charlie glued to my hip until Danny comes home.

What is your Daily routine?

-Since my kiddos are too little for school, I get to stay home with them! I am so thankful for the opportunity to be with them every day, even if it is exhausting. I usually feed the twins, then make my husband a lunch. He owns a landscape construction company and is often too busy to sit down and eat throughout the day, so I try to make a simple lunch that he can eat between phone calls and racing around town. Charlie wakes up around 7:30am. I can often catch a few extra minutes of sleep after my husband leaves for work and before Charlie wakes up (with 3 under 2, you sleep whenever and wherever you can ) since the boys are still in the stage of sleeping mostly after feeds. Once Charlie wakes up, it is go time. When I enter her room, she usually asks to read a book, and then another and another until I am able to bribe her with yogurt to come eat breakfast. While we eat we listen to worship songs. She is starting to put her hands up like she is praising God and it is just the sweetest thing in the world. We then clean up and it is time to feed the boys again. Next up, Charlie and I jump into the shower. This is the only time I am able to shower and brush my teeth because Charlie is usually getting into something or one of the boys starts crying. I then throw on some leggings and try to quickly pick up the house. We then try to leave the house (for my own sanity) whether it is for music class, swim lessons, or just to grab a Starbucks. We are then home around 12. Charlie has lunch while I feed the boys and then Charlie goes down for a nap. I time this feeding the best I can so that all three of the kids are napping at the same time. This allows me approximately 1 hour to myself. Charlie then wakes up, we usually read more books or go outside, I feed the boys and pray that my husband gets home soon.

When do you work out or do you work out?

-Oh working out, I just got cleared from my C-Section and I have been trying to slowly get into a routine of working out, but I would much rather do activities that keep me active, such as wakeboarding or taking a walk. I’ve been trying to work out in the afternoon while the boys are playing on their mat. Charlie likes to try to join me so that makes it fun but harder at the same time.

When do you cook and how do you make it work?

-Depending on how long the meal takes to cook, I often wait until Danny is home until I start. He takes all 3 kids and it gives me a chance to focus on the meal and keep the kids out of the hot kitchen.

How do you keep school lunches and snacks healthy?

-Charlie is a picky eater, so lunches and snacks are hard. Luckily she loves fruit and right now her favorite things is cashews. I try and I let her choose what she wants, but only give her a couple of healthy options. I feel like this helps her have a say in what she wants which helps her eat better.

How and when do you make time for your relationship with your husband?

-Making time for my husband is hard. By the time he gets home from work, he is so exhausted from the day and I am exhausted from the kiddos. However, when we had Charlie we decided that her bedtime would be between 7-7:30pm. This gives us time to just be together before we go to bed. We also have a lot of family in town, so we definitely utilize them as babysitters so we can have a date night every once in a while.

When do you clean?

-I do my best to pick up the house throughout the day. To me, it makes it feel more manageable. Most of my cleaning is done once the kids are in bed. I love waking up to a clean house in the mornings. It just makes my days go so much smoother. We also have a house cleaner who comes every other week. I never thought I would get one, but it is honestly so worth the money. She does an amazing job, better than I could ever do, and I am able to spend more time with my children doing something fun rather than cleaning.

When do you do laundry?

-I usually throw several loads of laundry in throughout the day. I try to get Charlie involved by having her carry a sock or opening and closing the dryer door while I load it. Folding on the other hand is a whole other story. As I am I writing this, there is a huge pile I need to fold at the foot of my bed.

What is your bedtime routine?

-Danny normally gets Charlie ready for bed around 7-7:30pm. He changes her diaper, puts on her jammies, and brushes her teeth. All with a whole lot of giggles. During this time I try to pick up the house and get things ready for the next day. Once Charlie is ready, I join them and we then read a book, pray, and have a lot more giggles. We then get one last snuggle each and place her in her crib where she almost always falls right to sleep (she is an amazing sleeper thankfully). We then have about an hour until the boys need to be fed before we fall asleep.

What is your nightly ritual after the kids go down?

-Lately, since the twins have been born, we usually just cuddle and watch TV before we fall asleep. We talk about his business and the plans for our house (we are in the middle of a remodel) and the fun things we have planned for the weekend. Basically just being with each other.

When do you finally go to sleep?

-We try to be asleep around 9:30pm. The boys eat around 9ish. If I fall asleep right after they are done, I am able to get a solid 3 hours until they wake up for their next feed. Haha.

If you could tell yourself one thing before you had kids what would it be?

-I would tell myself that having children would be like having your heart outside of your body. When they hurt, you hurt; when they are full of joy, you are filled as well. I would tell myself that you will feel every kind of feeling (happiness, frustration, sadness, etc.) throughout the day and even sometimes at the same time. And lastly, that even though the days and especially nights maybe long, the years fly by and you’ll miss them more than anything.

What is your favorite time of day?

-I have two favorite times of the day. The first is when Charlie wakes up. We are both in a good mood, she’s full of giggles, and we get to just cuddle and read books together. My other favorite time is once we have put Charlie down and are doing the boys’ last feed before we fall asleep. At this time I am able to completely focus on them. I am able to snuggle them and talk to them without any other distractions.

What is your favorite part of being a mom?

-My favorite part of being a mother is watching my children grow everyday. I swear Charlie learns a new thing every hour. I also love to see the joy that simple things bring to them, such as a funny face or finding a cool bug on the house.

What is the hardest part of being a mom?

-Oh my goodness, there are so many hard things about being a mom. The hardest part for me is not knowing if I am doing things right or giving my children the tools they need to grow up and be decent adults. Especially in the world we live in today, I feel like things can go wrong so easily. Every night Danny and I pray that we can be the best parents we possibly can and that our children grow up loving God. I have so many fears for my babies, but I am working on trusting Him and in the meantime giving my children all the love I can.

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