A Day In The Life of Moms

Welcome to Rambling Arrows and our first blog series, “A Day in the Life of Moms.” We are so excited to share all the interviews we have conducted with our group of moms. Learning more about what being a mom looks like in so many different lives has been eye opening and so enjoyable. We hope you are encouraged by our moms, get some laughs along the way and KNOW you are not alone.

But we couldn’t start our series, without starting with us. So our first week is a Double Feature with yours truly, Christa and Cassie! We hope you enjoy…


Football Coach’s Wife, Mom to 4 – Laura 6, Bobby 4, Joey 2, and Michael 5 Months

When does your day start?

Anywhere between 5:30am-7:30am. Most mornings I wake up while Paul gets ready for work (he’s out the door by 5:45) and pray that Michael (who is still in our room stays asleep) and I’ll try and sleep until one of the kiddos gets up.

What is the first thing you do?
Nurse Michael

What’s your morning routine with the kids before school/work?

We typically watch the news or cartoons for a little. I’ll make breakfast for them and then try to get myself ready for the day and tidy up the bedrooms. Once they finish eating, they get dressed and ready for the day, play a bit and before you know it, it’s time to start school. School normally starts around 9:30, after I get Michael down for his first nap.

What is your Daily routine?

We are normally up by 6:30. That first 30 minutes is rough. I’m always exhausted from being up with multiple children all night long. Once we get through our morning routine it’s time for school. We school from 9:30-11:30. Then we do lunch, and play until about 12:30. At 12:30 Joe takes his nap and then we (Laura and Bobby) will continue to do school. I teach science or history, reading, and our read aloud books. By 2:30 I’m hopefully sitting down to do a little work and the kids play outside if it’s nice. 4-4:30 it’s time to start dinner, dinner between 5:30-6. Then after that its family time, Paul is normally home after 7 (Monday-Thursday), and we will try and tidy things up before PJs brushing teeth and bedtime .

When do you work out or do you work out?
IF I workout (If being the key word) it’s normally in the morning while the kids eat breakfast. I’ll also try and work out in the afternoon when everyone is awake, doing HITT training outside while they play, going to run around at the park with them or a video I can find online. I really love doing Barre workouts at home. I quit trying to workout during nap time a long time ago because someone always wakes up.

How do you plan meals?

Once a week, I’ll sit down and write out dinners for the next set of seven days. At this point we don’t normally have left overs. So I fill every day. I also have lists for breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks. I’ll try and grab meat that’s on sale and use it for multiple meals during the week. I also love to check Pinterest for new recipes to try.

When do you cook and how do you make it work?
I’m typically a short order cook for breakfast. We do a variety of eggs, waffles, cereal. I don’t mind making a handful of things, and the kids enjoy picking. Lunch is almost ALWAYS PB and J and fruit. Sometimes they’ll get yogurt or cheese with it as well. I try to eat after I get joey down for nap while we finish school. For dinner the kids are getting to a point where they can play and I can successfully cook a meal. Some days are harder if Michael is up, but recently he’s been catching naps around 4:30 which helps a lot.

How do you meal plan with kids sports and practices?

Sports nights for us we typically do anything that is quick, that I know the kids will eat. We often use these nights to do pizza and salad, chicken nuggets, or sandwiches. I want to be sure they are going to eat, and be full enough to make it through whatever activity we have that night.

How do you keep school lunches and snacks healthy?
We have a huge bin of fruits and veggies that they pretty much have free reign on. We can easily go through 8 or more apples in a day. I’ll try and mix in cheeses and yogurts for snacks as well.

How and when do you make time for your relationship with your husband?
Since having kids I have lost track of how many times people have told us that we NEED to have date nights. I get it…I understand the importance of getting out and away and having REAL one on one time with your spouse. But for us, it rarely happens. And when I say rarely, I mean the last “date” we went on was our Anniversary in Dec of 2017. Soooooo….

That being said, we make sure we have time together. Since its football season, and my husbands hours are much longer, we will try and talk on the phone while I clean up from dinner and he commutes home. That way he can focus on the kids when he arrives. We also try and spend quality time together at night once the kids are asleep. Some seasons in life this happens often. Other times the kids don’t go to sleep quickly and he has to work, and it doesn’t happen, but we do our best to communicate and stay connected whenever we can.

When do you clean?
We do our best to tidy up the house a few times during the day. Normally before school starts, before dinner and before bed. This year we moved school to a four day week, which I love! This has allowed us to use Friday to get a good deep clean.

When do you do laundry?

In a perfect world I would do laundry every day. Wash, fold and put away. It doesn’t happen. Most of the time I will wash and dry at least one load of laundry a day. Then I play the game of how many loads of laundry can I pile on our storage bench in our bedroom before I HAVE to fold it. That happens normally 1-2 times a week.

What is your bedtime routine?
We will normally send the kids to do PJs, brush teeth and then try and read them a bible story and another book or two. This doesn’t always happen but we try. Then I’ll take the older three to their room, rock joe to sleep and let them listen to my pretty incredible Josh Groban pandora playlist that has been carefully crafted over 6 years of rocking kids to sleep. I normally scroll social media, work or lesson plan while I rock and try not to belt out Whitney Houston when her songs pop up on the playlist.

When do the kids go to sleep?
They go to bed at 8:30, but they are normally asleep around 9-9:15.

What is your nightly ritual after the kids go down?
After the kids go to bed, all I want to do is curl up with a blanket on the couch and relax. If Paul has to work I’ll try and catch up on This is Us, Call the Midwife, you know shows that only I seem to like. If he’s done with work for the night, we will hang out and talk, watch a show and relax.

When do you finally go to sleep?
I TRY to go to bed by 10 pm. I have a hard time slowing down at night, even if I’m exhausted all day long, once the kids go to sleep I have a major adrenaline rush. However, we only have 1 out of 4 kids that typically sleep through the night. (Yeah, 1… I have slept through the night less than 5 times since May of 2012, seriously, but that’s another blog for another time). Soooo…. it’s important I try and sleep when I can.

What is your favorite time of day?
I’d say this changes from time to time, but currently I really love rocking Joe (our 3rd) to sleep for nap. Everyone is quiet and content. I could sit there in the quiet and rock him for hours.

If you could tell yourself one thing before you had kids what would it be?

Not one, but how about three….

They wont sleep and its ok, so do what you need to to survive and don’t worry about “fixing it”.

Trust your instincts, you got this.

Oh and STOP reading the baby books about the pregnancy and start reading the parts about the first 6 weeks and breastfeeding before the baby comes.

What is your favorite part of being a mom?

My favorite part of being a mom are those candid times, times where you wish someone was there to document your life so you could live in that moment forever. When you sit holding a new baby while they sleep on your chest and you watch their little body rise and fall while they breathe. When your kids gather together, without your prompting, to color as a family. When everyone is outside playing, running, jumping and laughing. Those are are the sweet moments.

What is the hardest part of being a mom?

For me the hardest is watching your child struggle and not knowing how you can help or if what you are doing is helping.

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