A Day In The Life of Moms – Christa

Name: Christa

Number of Children: 4

Children’s names, sexes, and ages: We have 3 girls {Adalene 6, Elizabeth 3, and Paisley 1} and 1 boy {Jase 4}

When does your day start?

My day typically starts around 7:30 in the morning. AND that’s due to the fact that my sweet husband takes care of the kids {whom wake up by 6 A.M!!!} before he goes to work. He wakes me up about 15 minutes before he is ready to leave.

What is the first thing you do?

The first thing I do is drink a cup of coffee. I even have have a strict rule that although snuggling is allowed and highly recommended, NO ONE may ask me for ANYTHING until I drink my coffee. Which pretty much means I get to enjoy at least half of my coffee while it’s still HOT. Holler!!!

What’s your morning routine with the kids before school/work?

Our mornings always start with Mommy drinking her coffee surrounded by the sweet snuggles of kids while watching some good ole cartoons. Once my eyeballs are awakened with the help of at least half of my HOT coffee we try to do a quick bible study {which I am sad to say happens not as much as I’d like due to the process it takes to get four children ready to take Adalene to school}. Then we start getting ready for the day {getting dressed, our hair done, and brushing our teeth}. I pack Addie’s school bag and we all head out the door to walk her to school. We are lucky that her school is right down the street in our neighborhood!

What is your Daily routine?

After saying our sweet goodbyes to Big Sis, we walk back home. I always try to scatter the week with a few play dates and activities with friends to get us out of the house. BUT on the days we don’t get out of the house we try to play outside for as long as we can in the mornings. Once winter time hits and it gets really cold I’ll replace those long outside mornings with some homeschool preschool with Jase and Liz because the kids will be freezing after our morning walk home! We always have an early lunch around 11:30. After lunch we shoot for naps. If naps are overrated {which is usually the case for Jase (4) and Liz (2)}, I still have the kids do quiet time for about an hour. Quiet time consists of laying in your bed for at least 30 minutes and then they can come out and play quietly in the playroom. This allows the baby to sleep and this momma to have an hour to herself. After naps and/or quiet time we play until it is time to head back out for our walk to pick Addie up for school. We play on the school playground for about an hour and then start our walk back home. When we get home I start dinner and we start counting down the hours till daddy gets home! When he gets home we immediately eat dinner with him. After dinner the kids play with daddy which usually consists of rough house and guitar! We end our day with our bedtime routine.

When do you work out or do you work out?

I need to be so much better at this than I am. I was an athlete my whole life. I ran cross country and track and field at the University of Nevada {Ne VA Duh}, Reno. #GOPACK! I always had a scheduled workout time and once I graduated from college and ended my career as a full time athlete I adopted a new motto for working out which was to fit it in whenever you can and as often as you like… I soon found out that this motto wasn’t the greatest motto to have. It sounded like a pretty easy thing to accomplish, BUT truly it never works out {pun intended}. On the weekends I try to get some runs in and am pretty successful at accomplishing at least a 30 minute run. I think my new years resolution this year will be to start fitting in a work out time during the day a couple times a week…

How do you plan meals?

Every Saturday or Sunday Matt and I meal plan for the week as well as make a grocery list for Sunday after church or Monday for me after school drop off.

When do you cook and how do you make it work?

I try to prep our dinner during the day and I always start cooking after we get home from picking Addie up from school around 4:30/5:00.

How do you meal plan with kids sports and practices (like what kind of meals do you do on those days)?

The kids just finished up our first soccer season! For practice nights I tried to make an easy, early dinner. Pizza, chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, and pasta and meat sauce was our JAM. Or I would pack PB&J’s, cheese sticks, and halo oranges for dinner before {For Addie}, during {for Paisley and Liz} and after practice {for Jase}. Sometimes Matt would pick up fast food on his way to meet us, but we tried to limit that as much as we could. For game days we planned a lot of dinners on the grill since that was easy prep. Paisley swims once a week in the evening times and now that its getting chilly out I will start planning a lot of crock pot meals for those evenings so I can feed her before her swim class. I honestly love the crockpot meals for busy nights with sports but hate making steaming hot meals in the warmer seasons.

How do you keep school lunches and snacks healthy?

For Adalene’s lunch we try to buy healthy snacks such as fig bars, nuts, fresh fruits and veggies, and cheese. Matt always makes her a good ham and cheese sandwich.

When do you clean?

Thirty minutes before my husband gets home from work!!! HA! just kidding guys… Even though our house is not always clean and tidy, I have to admit that I am a bit of a neat freak… and besides cleaning up the kitchen after meals, I am always doing light cleaning and tidying throughout the day when the kids are playing nicely by themselves. I make an effort not to clean during nap time so that I can have some me time! I also have a light cleaning schedule give or take throughout the week. Our weekends are jammed pack with activities and we don’t clean or tidy the house. We tend to just let things go and focus on enjoying each other company on the weekends. The kids are usually wiped from the weekend which means they actually nap for me BIG TIME on Mondays. Therefore, Mondays are the days I try to give this house a GOOD clean to give the rest of the week a fresh start. I also have a house keeper that comes once month so that allows me not to have to deep clean as often. AND she is worth every penny!!!!!

When do you do laundry?

We do laundry once a week on no particular day really… just when the bins are overflowing or Matt runs out of underwear.

How and when do you make time for your relationship with your husband?

Matt and I try to get our kids to bed by 8:00. That way we can spend the rest of the evening together by ourselves…. well sort of… anyone else have a certain tater tot that likes to come out of their bed a bajillion times before finally falling asleep? Most of the time we just snuggle up on the couch and watch TV. We are huge Survivor fans and we love to watch previous seasons on Hulu. When there is a current season on {such as now} we try to make it a special in home date night with a delicious fruit and cheese platter paired with two glasses of wine. We {and by we I mean mostly I} love to swing dance. So sometimes we will occasionally look for some good YouTube videos to learn sweet new moves! It’s a good excuse to do something else with each other rather than watching TV.

What is your bedtime routine?

This question made me laugh out loud! Because I remember with Addie and Jase our bedtime routine would consists of baths followed by massages, reading two books to each child, singing two songs to each child, and ending with rocking and rocking to sleep…. and now with FOUR kids our routine is basically bath, brush teeth, read one book to all FOUR children {if they’re lucky and bedtime is going on time}, give the kids each a sip of water {tried to phase that one out, but the kids weren’t having it} say a family bedtime prayer, and kisses goodnight.

When do the kids go to sleep?

We aim to put all four of them down by 7:30/8:00.

What is your nightly ritual after the kids go down?

We both jump onto the couch, turn on the TV, and veg.

When do you finally go to sleep? 10:00

If you could tell yourself one thing before you had kids what would it be?

I would tell myself to travel more. And when I say travel, I don’t necessarily mean to travel to other countries {although that would be nice too}, but more so to just take trips around Nevada and the rest of the country.

What is your favorite time of day?

HANDS DOWN when Daddy walks in that front door from work.

What is the hardest part of being a mom?

The hardest part of being a mom for me is staying patient, cool, calm and collected especially behind closed doors. And worrying about my kids. I am such a big worrier. Oh and

trying to get all four kids to look and smile at the camera when taking pictures! HA!

What is your favorite part of being a mom?

Gosh, I honestly just love being a mom. It’s so hard to put into words how overwhelmingly blessed I feel to have this title of MOM. I LOVE all the laughs I get out from watching my kids. All the kicks, shits, and giggles. I love watching them grow and learn new things and watching their confidence soar. I love the different personalities all of my kids have and experiencing the flavor they all add to our family.

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